Monday, March 2, 2009

15 weeks

So here we are....15 weeks. I've felt a lot better. There's been a couple days that I've felt pretty crappy, but its a better run than weeks 8, 9, and 10! I've had some stomach pains when I eat more than I should (I think that must've been why). I've had a lot of people comment how you can tell now that I'm showing. I still just feel fat. When I stopped by my old work, Wells Fargo, everyone that saw me was like "Let's see!!" I'm like, uh...lets see what? Did they want me to strip down? You are looking at me with your eyes....what more do you want! J/K. :P It was fun to have everyone excited for me. Lately I've been craving tacos, so we've had tacos like 4 times in the last two weeks. I've also been craving orange soda, which I hadn't had for like ever, until Robyn got one stuck in the soda machine at work and had to get another to get it out, so she gave me her extra. Now I've craved it. I'm excited for wednesday's ultrasound. Also my parents are moving into a new house this weekend. I'm excited for them. It's something my mom has wanted for a long time, and it will be fun to help them and enjoy new memories in this house. YAY!! Our kitty, Gizmo has been so cuddly and cute lately. His new thing is trying to scratch the tile and cover his food (he must not like it much). He loves when you open a crinkly wrapper, he comes running and stands at attention until you throw it for him. He also comes running from wherever he is at if he hears you go to the bathroom, because he has to climb up and watch the toilet flush. Hes so funny.'s a 15 week picture, and I'll post again after my ultrasound! (hopefully with pics!!)


Megan said...

I am excited for your ultrasound. Lovin the belly pictures. I still don't think you look prego - just a tiny bump. And I am jealous that your husband complies with your cravings. LOL.