Monday, September 29, 2008

The joy of tension

So I started getting a tension headache LAST monday morning. Yep...a week ago. And yes, it's stayed strong since. I've taken Naproxen, Ibuprofen, Excedrin, and percogesic. NOTHING even TOUCHED relief whatsoever. I tried to function normally, but finally by friday I'd had enough!! That's when I tried the percogesic, the speech therapist at my work suggested it, its what "she uses on HER tension headaches". Well, I took it at work around 1pm and by 2 I was ready to PASS OUT!! I felt all funky and told my boss I had to go home and crash. I got home (barely) and crashed on the couch for a couple hours. Rob even came home, left, and came back again, and I barely knew about it. When I finally got up...yep, still a headache. When I looked up info on the pills online, they were comparable with Tylenol PM....Awesome. Now...I get migraines...bad ones. And migraines freaking suck worse than ANYTHING, BUT I usually only have it for a day, then kind of "migraine hangovers" for a day or two (where I can't sneeze or bend over or things like that without the migraine pain), but this was pretty bad...and lasted TOO LONG! I suffered until finally Sunday evening I looked online to see if Instacare was still open, YES!! it was! So I broke down and went. We got there around 7:15 pm, and sat to wait with the crowd for an hour and 15 minutes. Lovely. Good thing I brought my Nintendo DS...because Rob does NOT like waiting. We get in the room and waited some more....Finally he comes in and looks at me, asks a couple questions, feels my neck, checks my breathing, and says, "Yep, tension headache". "We'll just give you a shot and a prescription" A SHOT???!!!! NO!!! :(
I HATE needles...but I tried to be strong. When the nurse came in to give the shot, I chin quivered and told Rob to "GET OVER HERE AND HOLD MY HAND" I squeezed it so hard. But GOOD NIGHT!! It HURT!!! It burned SOOO bad, and I felt it spread. But relief??? Not so much. I think it just hurt so bad that I forgot about the tension headache. I mean it KILLED. It was a shot in my hip...or more like my love handle... so when I walked, it jiggled, and hurt more :( I gotta get to the gym more! We picked up my prescription and got home around 10:30. My hip still killed and I had a hard time going to sleep. Even though the shot AND pills were a pain killer/ muscle relaxer combo. When I woke up...yep...still a headache!!! HOLY CRAP! I had to go to work of course, I took my prescription...and dude....these were barbiturates...and I felt was like taking a multi-vitamin...NOTHING. With my head still aching my boss told me that the Medical Records lady at my work was a masseuse. So I went and bugged her. She worked on my neck for about 15 minutes and then all the nurses at one of the stations gave me all of their opinions...the massage eased a LITTLE....but 5 minutes later? There's my old buddy....headache back. My mom finally called the chiropractor and made me an appointment. I went after work and as soon as he felt my neck he said "your headache bones are all out!!" I'm thinking, "ok, I'm not 9!" but he then said that my neck was WAY out. So he popped my neck and back and said to come back tomorrow (goodbye $70 for two visits)...but you know what? It feels like it eased it A LOT!! I just hope that after tomorrow I'm back to normal. A headache can freakin WEAR you OUT! Dumb pills and SHOT!!! :( So hopefully the headache is gone.
BUT on a brighter note...I baked my first turkey on sunday!! (yes, even with the aching cranium). It turned out AMAZING!!! I was soo surprised! I was worried that I'd have a "Christmas Vacation" moment. It was just me and Rob for dinner, but now I trust my turkey skills!!! YAY ME!!!! Here's the amazing bird:


Megan said...

So it's tomorrow (if that makes any sense) and I hope that you are feeling better. That sounds absolutely HORRIBLE! I can't sympathize I rarely get headaches so I am sure I would be a wuss if I ever did. I can't believe you put up with it for so long! I really hope you do feel better. Oh and your turkey looks AMAZING. Yum! I wish I would have had that for dinner last night instead of banana pancakes....yeah, I rock.

Megan said...

P.S. You have been tagged. Check out my blog for rules and regulations! Bwa ha ha!

Kris said...

Are you doing Thanksgiving this year????

Chris & Stephanie said...

Sorry that you were having horrible head pains. There is nothing worse than your head hurting. I am glad you found relief and I hope it doesn't come back.... Great turkey. Getting ready for Thanksgiving.