Tuesday, September 23, 2008

I didn't know what else to do.

I was bored, so I did this:
What you do is...put your music on shuffle and answer the questions with the song titles. try it..

How am I feeling today?: Train Wreck

Will I get far in life?: Money

How do my friends see me?: Heaven Forbid (sad!! )

Where will I get Married?: The Waiting (kinda funny)

What is my best friend's theme song?: Over my Head

What is the story of my life?: Had a Dad

What is/was high school like?: The More You Talk The Less I Hear

How is today going to be?: So Impossible

How can I get ahead in life?: The Everlasting Gaze

What is the best thing about me?: Androgyny

What is in store for this weekend?: Everything is Everything

What song describes my parents?: Just Lose It

My grandparents?: Happy Ever After In Your Eyes

How is my life going?: Incomplete

What song will they play at my funeral?: Thinking of You

How does the world see me?: Bixby Canyon Bridge

Will I have a happy life?: Still Remains

Do people secretly lust after me?: Refugee

How can I make myself happy?: Wait, Wait, Wait

What should I do with my life?: Enjoy the Silence

Will I ever have children?: Desecration Smile

What is some good advice for me?: With a Little Help From My Friends

What is my signature dancing song?: Friday I’m in Love

What do I think my current theme song is?: On the Run

What does everyone else think my current theme song is?: Wasted Early Sunday Morning

What type of men/women do you like?: Right on Time


Teachinfourth said...

Okay, I must be lame because I thought I'd try it too...probably because it's one of those "blog things" which hasn't been done to death yet...

At least, I haven't seen it before now.

Megan said...

I agree with the above comment - a post that hasn't been blogged to death! haha. I liked it. Too bad I don't even have a play list or an IPod. I know how can I be a member of today's society without one. Guess I have gotten lame since becoming a mommy. Ellen keeps me hip though - I think I might need more help than from a 50 year old lesbian though.

Danielle said...

Teach, sometimes when I dont know what to blog about I resort to something like this :P
Megan--you're in trouble and I can't help you there!!!