Monday, July 25, 2011

Off to Powell.... ::July 4th weekend::

I'm not gonna lie.....
I was nervous as all get out! We've really only taken Kai to the lake twice: once this summer and once last summer. Anyone who knows Rob will think that is the most bizarre thing EVER. Rob LOVES the lake. Most of the reason for not going is me. The first year I was just plain nervous for every reason under the sun about Kai being out there. Going to Powell made me super nervous.
It actually ended up being pretty fun. Kai only screamed and cried 50% of the time... :P
Here are some pics of the fun:
Kai sleeping on his cousin Kalie

My neice Stephanie

Kai says "GO!" cause Kalie wouldn't jump

Rob showing them how its done!

We ended up leaving a day early because a storm was heading in and I wanted to be at mom's for the July 4th family festivities :D

The Family time was great, as always. Until fireworks time....Kai was ridiculous. He wanted to run in the street to play in traffic, would NOT listen, or sit, or be held, or we left DURING fireworks. Kai is grounded until he's 8. Terrible two's, anyone??



Cousins :D

Cute Kai

Just Dance!!


Kai LOVES "scumming" (thats what he calls it)



Teachinfourth said...

It looks as if you guys are having quite the summer down there...

Danielle said...

Always! :D

erica said...

i dont blame you for being nervous.
we have yet to take the girls to the lake too - makes me so sad...but im sure i wouldn't enjoy it being that i would be a wreck the entire time.

looks like fun though. im jealous.

Megan said...

I would be nervous too, but it sounds like you had fun... 50% of the time ;) Oh and the two's and got nothin on the three's. Just sayin...

Rachel said...

Looks like such a fun trip! Don't worry - they grow out of the two-year-old stuff just in time for tantrum threes. Oops!

Love all the pictures!