Tuesday, September 14, 2010

My little baby....not so little anymore

So my little boy is ONE! Can't believe it! At his 12 month appointment he weighed in at 25 pounds, and is 31 inches tall. We had his birthday party on August 21st (his b-day is the 19th), and a lot of people were there, and my friend Amanda made a wonderfully awesome cake! Here are some cute pictures from the day! ;) On the cake, the shark came off and was the part we gave to Kai My cute little neice: Trying out the pinata Presents Both Kai and my expressions here make me laugh! :P Kai and his grandmas: Happy Birthday, my sweet boy, I love you!


erica said...

darling party.
love the cake...and dying over that fish balloon. so so cute.
happy one year.