Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day

It is almost surreal to be celebrating Mother's Day, as a mother, for the first time. Sometimes even after a night of almost no sleep, or a day of fussiness speckled by bouts of baby laughter, I have to stop and think "Am I really a mom??!" It really blows my mind sometimes. It makes me hope that I am really doing all I should to be a decent mom. Am I being too obsessive about this? not worrying enough about that? But I know I just need to realize that he's happy and healthy and thats the most important thing. And when I see his huge smile with his little new teeth, or hear that adorable little laugh, I know its all worth it, and I think of how much I love that little boy.

Happy Mother's Day to my mom and every mom out there, or anyone who's been a "stand in" mom for anyone!! You are loved!


Megan said...

Happy Mothers Day! It is great to be a mom. Even if I want to pull my hair out half the time. lol. It does help that they are so cute though ;)