Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Kai laughs

This was the second time he really laughed. It's so fun!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Yeah, I know

When Kai was a couple weeks old mom took these pics...

Ok, lets get past the fact that I'm a lazy moron and never blog anymore. Or I'm a mom....whatever! :P
So Kai is 16 weeks old now...4 months. Craziness. At his 2 month appointment he was 12 pounds. The last time he was measured was at 6 weeks, he was 22 inches. His 4 month appointment should be soon, so we'll get an update on that. He's getting big so fast!! And I can't wait to be able to start feeding him cereal! For the last couple months he's been sleeping through the night every night. Sometimes its just hard to get him to go to sleep. We rock him for a while to get him asleep, he just fights it so much.
I started back to work on October 29th, its been hard, and I miss Kai every day!
Rob's aunt passed away so we went to her funeral up north on October 30th. It was Rob's dad's sister. That was the first time I ever saw Dennis cry, it was heartbreaking. He spoke at the funeral and he's an impressive public speaker, I was humbled.
My sister, April, was kind enough to take our offer for her to live with us and to take care of Kai while we are at work. She's working for Rob in the evenings. Its so nice to have someone I know watching him, and not having to pay for daycare or a sitter. I am so grateful for it!
For Halloween Kai was a lobster...and a very cute one at that.

We took him around with my siblings and neices and nephews in my mom's neighborhood while they trick-or-treated.

Rob was...himself, Josh was a....yeah...well, he was a "special friend", April insists she was 80's, but people kept thinking she was a hooker...I was a lunch lady, Gwennie was a rock star, Brycen and Maddie were vampires, Owen was Darth Vader, and Skylar was a grim reaper? I think, and Lelah was a cheetah!...They were all very cute.

Kai's blessing was the first weekend in November, and my grandpa Lockwood blessed him. It was a very nice blessing, and of course Kai screamed through it, and then puked all down the front of my grandpa on the way back to the seats. We had a luncheon at mom's after it, and it was so nice to have everyone there. I was happy to have Grandpa bless him, because he's who blessed me when I was a baby.

We finally did family pictures, it had been 5 years since our last ones, and we had 4 new family members! Here's a taste of some good ones:

For Thanksgiving we had a wonderful dinner at Rob's parents. Kai was so good, he ate right before our dinner was ready, then he fell asleep and stayed asleep while we ate!
I was appointed to plan our work Christmas party, which is on my birthday, so I hope I get it all figured out and it goes well!
I finally made a birth announcement for Kai that I was ok with:

I will try better to not wait so long to post!! I also need to post the video of Kai's first laughs!!