Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last week (week 33) and stuff

This was last week at 33 weeks:

Today I am 34 weeks. SO CRAZY. We started getting the baby's room a little more ready. Not exciting enough for pictures yet, I still don't have my bedding, but we have the crib, dresser, and an extra twin size bed all set up where they're going to be. Its so weird that its getting so close. I'm washing some of his blankies and clothes right now, and I'll be getting a hospital bag packed this week.
At work we had our annual "Freedom Breakfast" at work this week and I helped Paula decorate for a few hours, my feet were CRAZY swollen! They've been pretty swollen consistantly lately, they did go down one day, so I took a picture:
then I got one of the day after decorating to see the swelling: (I'm lucky any shoes fit!)

We had Maddie and Brycen over for a night a couple weekends ago, it was pretty fun, we ate pizza, played Rock Band and other Xbox games, and had fondue!! We finally broke out our fondue set we got for our wedding from my cousins Shawna and Jason, it was WAY GOOD and WAY FUN!

Lately Gizmo has a new place to lay, she's so funny!

Rob and I ate at Panda Express the other day and when he openned his fortune he just smiled and handed it to me. I said, "What do you think it means?" and he said, "The baby!" It was soooo cute

Yesterday the girls at work gave me a baby shower, it was way fun and the food was sooo good. Here are some pictures from it. all reality I am SWOLLEN ALL OVER. I look sooo huge!! :/

And although this is very blurry, I wanted to post it anyway, this was the girls from the shower Amanda, Marge, me, my mom, Cheri, Paula, Michelle, and Debbie. Cheri is the girl in front of my mom, and she is pregnant, and due 4 days before me. Shes so small!! :P

My doctor appointments have gone ok, I had to go two weeks in a row because my blood pressure was up quite a bit, but its gone down now. Things are looking ok. But I have had a few more migraines in the last few weeks, which is torture, All I can do is take tylonol, and lay down with a cold rag on my head and try to sleep.
I think I've had a Braxton Hicks contraction or two in the past couple weeks, but that's it. I've been watching my belly move around a lot when the baby moves, its so fun!
We're still thinking through a couple hopefully this kid has a name when he's here! I tell Rob maybe we need to see him first, and he said, "I don't think its going to help me to see him, unless I can see him when he's like 14!" hahaha. Hopefully we figure it out!


Teachinfourth said...

You'll have to break out that fondue set again when I again traverse to the realm of southern Utah.

Megan said...

That fortune is awesome. One time Ross and I stopped at Panda before we were going to go shopping for some house stuff and his fortune said something to the effect of 'you need to watch your spending.' LOL. Being swollen sucks - I am sure living in the heat of St. George doesn't help much either. I actually was MORE swollen AFTER having Anna and Evan and it lasted for a week. Boo! I hope that doesn't happen to you. I can't wait to see your little guy.

Andee and Steve Ott said...

Danny you poor thing... isn't it totally mesmerizing to see your feet change sizes from hour to hour? I'm so sorry you're having to go through this part through the blazing hot St. George summer... But you're soooo close! Yippee!!

Holloways said...

We went to the hospital with like 3 names and we knew exactly what name fit when we saw him. Sometimes you just need to see that little face to figure it out!