Wednesday, January 28, 2009


Today found me thinking about all of the people that I know that are so inspiring to me. I am truly lucky to know and be friends with all the people in my life. Its crazy to think when you’re living your life and wondering why some things didn’t go right, or at least not how you expected them to, and you stop an realize that it was probably all for a reason. To bring you to where you are now, to have you cross paths with all the people that have been brought your way for one reason or another. Maybe its family, someone you’ve worked with, or someone who took the time to smile at you or stopped to talk and get to know you. I am so extremely grateful for every soul I have met in my life. EVERYONE has taught me SOMETHING. Whether it be good or bad. Taught me what I want to be like, and whet I know I never want to be like. All these things have molded me into what I am today. And I have friends, my family loves me, and I have a wonderful husband and a baby on the way, so I can’t be too horrible, right?
Going back and reading some of the comments to my blogs, or reading other blogs that have given me things to think about, made me realize that Its ok to get older. I don’t have to be the cutest, skinniest person. I may not have been on a sports team in high school. I wasn’t the most popular, but that I am of value. I am worth knowing, I do my best to be a good person. I try to be one of those that people meet who is a positive light in people’s paths. I’m far from perfect, but I hope that I can impact people’s lives the way they have mine.


Megan said...

That is a wonderful thing to realize. You are a great person and I am glad that you and I (in a very random way) were able to become friends. I can't think about you and not smile. You are such a fun loving gal!

Kris said...

Um I'm glad I didn't have to hit you upside the head for you to see you are of BIG worth! You always have been to me. Everyone of a Gods children are of great worth! You should know that! You will know better when you give birth.

Teachinfourth said...


I think you're right when you say that you don't necessarily have to be the best. When you try to be, you are constantly comparing yourself to others and will always be finding yourself lacking.

I'm glad that you are you. It's a good person to be.