Wednesday, May 14, 2008


It’s so sweet how innocent children are. I think of things that I believed when I was little, and it makes me laugh. So I thought of a few to share with you:

One of my babysitters when I was little told my brother and I that if you died in a dream that you’d die in real life. That had me scared out of my mind!! All my life I have had very vivid, crazy dreams. And I once had a dream that I died…..yet I am still here! ;)

Someone once also told us that if you ate a pickle before you went to bed that you’d have nightmares. Well, my brother and I were sick, twisted kids, and we’d always try to eat pickles before bedtime because we wanted to have a nightmare.

My paternal grandparents lived next to some railroad tracks when I was young and my brother loved to go see the train when it came by, so they began to call my grandparents “Grandma and Grandpa Choo-Choo”. I remember for YEARS thinking that was their real last name! “Choo-Choo”

I grew up in a SMALL town in eastern Washington, (Chewelah). My brother and I would run around all summer barefoot. I remember MANY times stepping on a bee and getting stung. I think my mom would get so sick of my whining and crying, she’d shove an Otter Pop in my mouth. It seemed like that was the only time I got one, so FOREVER I thought that it was medicine for a bee sting.
There are more, I just have to try and recall them.
Funny times....


Teachinfourth said...

Ah...the things we're told which then become a part of our lives.

So, can you stomach pickles? Also, do Otter Pops taste like medicine to you now?

The Scotts said...

She still shoves otter pops in the mouths of crying hurt children. And a new generation of Scotts think that it is medicine.

Kris said...

You better believe it!!!! Otter pops can cure anything! It is a good ice pack too! I know you can come up with more....It's fun hearing some of these. Mine would be the story of the toilet monster. Only use six pieces or he will throw up at you! to this day I only use six!

Danielle said...

I still love pickles (although I don't drink the pickle juice anymore!), and Otter Pops still taste good to me. It just seemed like that was the only time I got them, so I just figured that's what they were for! :P
Hey if it makes the kid happy, give them an otter pop....can't hurt, right??