Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Non-Cruise Excursion

It's taken me forever to blog about this, but I was thinking about it again, and it made me laugh. On the cruise ships they can plan excursions for you to do on shore, but they are all so expensive, so we decided to do one that was not on the
ship. The lady was at this booth for ATV and dune buggies. So we
thought that looked fun. So she sent us to the main shop a block away. It
looked like the start of a horror film.

Very rundown place, beat-down dog in front, mexicans welding buggies back together, broken down cars all
over, and a New Yorker running the place, his hair in a ponytail. Just
seemed sketchy. I said "Rob, I dont have a good feeling about this"
especially when were the only ones there. Then another group of 8
Americans came and felt the same way, and were glad we were there too. But it
ended up being fun! We rode through the streets to some dirt roads. Got
to see a lot of Puerto Vallerta that you dont normally see.

Our ATV was squirting oil out the left side, right at our legs....OUCH! So, once
we got half way through, we told them, and they switched us ATVs. We
stopped at a tiny Tequila factory, which was pretty interesting.

There was a cute little puppy there that followed us around the whole time.

The other group with us was from Wisconsin, and we had to laugh at their
accents. They were pretty cool, until they decided that we were too
clean on our ATV (they were all driving dune buggies) and when we went
through water they tried to drench us, but Rob drove fast and we avoided
the mud. SO it wasn't a horror film ending. The guys that took us spoke
really good english and were hilarious. But they seemed scared of the
New Yorker owner......maybe it'll really be a horror film.


Teachinfourth said...

Sounds like you had a blast! I'm glad you didn't end up chopped up in little pieces and buried under the foundation of a house!

Kris said...

Ah all I can think about is that poor puppy!

Danielle said...

At least if we'd been chased down, crying, mildly injured, and got away, it'd be a more exciting experience.