Thursday, January 24, 2008


Today was a crazy day at work, I'm SO glad tomorrow is Friday!!!

So Rob and I are getting married in April. YAY!!! I have been on weight watchers for over a year, and I hit my goal right around the time Rob proposed. I have done really well, staying close to the same for the past 5 months...until tonight. I now weigh in only once a month, and so tonight was the night...I feel like I've been way too snacky (no thanks to Rob, the "snack king"), and I am paying for it. I gained 4 pounds this month! EEK! My mom said, "its ok, just dont gain any more!" I need to fit into my wedding dress in 71 days!
My sister ordered her dress (shes the maid of honor) and it came today. My mom called to tell me it is "HIDEOUS" (thats the word my 9 year old sister used). She said it looked nothing like any of the dresses online and she wanted to send it back. So she took it over to my sister-in-laws and Jalee says, "its inside out" so my mom called me to tell me that. I said, "You're a moron, mom". so she scared the crap out of me for NOTHING! So as long as everyone gets their dresses in time, it'll be all good. I'm trying my best to not be a "bridezilla" And I think I've been doing a good job....but thats MY opinion. :P


Amy said...

Ha! I would like to see a picture of the inside out bridesmaid dress