Monday, November 10, 2008

This is just how life seems to be going lately!

You know money is tight when the soap in your shower looks like this: (Ignore my creepily long hand)

And you almost risk your life to dive after it if it falls so that it doesn't slide down the drain! So desperate to use every last millimeter of it, then when it's finally gone, you just hope you have enough soap scum on the shower walls that you can just roll around in there! (Ok.....I'm TOTALLY kidding about that last part...I don't like a gross bathroom, and I had cleaned the bathroom right after I took this picture). But when I was cleaning the bathroom, I bumped the soap and it quickly slipped down the drain, before I could dive after it! :( Freakin soap!
Rob worked this weekend, which is always sucky. But on Saturday, as he was going through a GREEN light, some teenager ran a red light to try to get in front of him, and Rob couldn't stop in SCREEEECH BAM!! He hit her.

It wasn't really that bad, a little fender bender, but it still sucks! Rob felt bad anyway, and made sure she was ok. Good thing I put him and his truck on my car insurance 2 weeks ago!! The lame thing is: the cop that responded was the girl's brother-in-law. So ROB got the ticket! (for following too close, of course), and the girl was under age, and they couldn't get ahold of her parents, so they had to transport her in an ambulance. So Rob felt even worse. So YAY! now our car insurance can go up! WOOHOO PARTY!....ok.........yeah......Freakin teenagers!


Megan said...

Teenagers, let alone teenage drivers suck. I can say that because I never was one ;) Hopefully you bust out a new bar of soap soon too cause I don't know how much that little piece will lather :)

The Scotts said...

Rob should absolutely fight that!!! In court!

Teachinfourth said...

I'm glad that Rob is okay. Sorry about the rest though.

Kris said...

FIGHT THAT!!! I have soap if you need some!

The Muntifering Family said...

Sorry to here about your accident. I was in one a couple of weeks ago and totalled my car. Its not fun. Hope everything is going well for you guys.